Neurita Tequila


The Tequila market is booming but there is still a large section of the adult drinking population, predominantly women, who believe tequila is just not for them… too masculine, too strong, too challenging. This is contradictory to their love of margaritas.

Created by an all-female team, Neurita seeks to bring tequila to an untapped market of margarita lovers with a liquid designed specifically for creating the perfect margarita. Neurita is proudly breaking category stereotypes in a dynamic and progressive way. Sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, and expertly infused with natural fruit extracts, Neurita’s range of flavoured tequilas is deliciously low in sugar, uplifted by flavour and stylishly simple.

Working closely with Neurita’s founders we created a brand which connects with new audiences across all touchpoints… from packaging to social media, that gets noticed by pushing against the traditions and expectations of the category.