Dr Shea





Dr Shea


When Mike Blake left 90’s UK garage and hip-hop collective ‘So Solid Crew’, quite by accident he encountered the powerful benefits of shea butter and went on to develop a range of products specifically for black skin launched under the Dr Shea brand.


Dr Shea has been gathering a loyal fan base since 2015, quietly taking Amazon by storm and establishing itself as a best-seller of skin nourishment and hydration in Sainbury’s and other big retailers, largely due to the extraordinary properties of the African naturally organic, grade A sheabutter which is the main event in all its products.  


But the visual appearance of the brand was holding it back, with both buyers and consumers feeling it looked tired, outdated and not representative of a cool, urban skincare brand.


This is where we stepped in… delivering a complete make-over, putting the distinctive brand identity centre-stage and creating packaging with quirky, clean type and simple, natural illustrations befitting an unrefined skincare range with an urban soul at its heart.