The Cabinets Best Aperitif Packaging and Design

We keep our finger on the pulse and are here to give you some fresh insights into innovative brands and pack designs that have tickled our eyeballs as well as our taste buds over recent months.

9th May 2023

What is an aperitif and why am I seeing them everywhere? Consumers are more willing than ever to experiment with different drinking rituals. Over consumption appeals less and less to the younger health-driven Gen Z – so could an intentional aperitif be the new trend for drinking with friends? It seems the design intent for emerging aperitif brands is leaning more towards the playful, rather than the filigree imbued labels once associated with packaging for this sector.

Faccia Brutto

An unconventional illustration choice for a high-end product – but it works. The juxtaposition of styles between the two labels is an intriguing take on a premium liqueur. Steering clear of traditional Italian tropes, but still maintaining a clear Italian influence.

Lo-fi Aperitifs

Lo-Fi features a heavily typographic label. The extensive use of type feels in keeping with well established brands like Angostura and promotes the idea of a trustworthy recipe. The addition of the botanical illustration further benefits the natural ingredient-led ethos of the brand.


A lemon infused aperitivo with branding that packs a punch. Heavily weighted typography and simple use of colour champion the strong flavours of the liquid itself.

Hotel Starlino

An aperitivo that feels like an aperitivo. A mixture of illustration and type instantly transports you to Italy – the level of attention to detail paired with the bold contemporary choice of contrasting colours makes this a bottle you want to put front and centre of your drinks trolly.


Distilled in Torino, Italy and inspired by the mountain goats that roam the alps near their distillery, which give this brand its name. The name is fun to say, the bubbly glass is fun to hold, the bright labels are fun to look at and the sweeter flavour choices are fun to drink. It’s a yes from us.

Top Cuvée

This vermouth might blur the boundaries between an aperitivo and a fortified wine, but it certainly pushes them in terms of design. Opting for a confidently simple yellow label and slap dash thick illustrative style – Top Cuvée feels contemporary, cool and disruptive.

Kiss My

A more feminine approach to an aperitivo with an illustration-heavy pack that incorporates birds and botanicals that reference its farm-to-table narrative. The considered use of colour in addition to gold foil maintains a sophistication expected within the premium drinks category.


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