The Cabinet Top 10 Local Coffee Shops

At the Cabinet we love coffee and we spend a lot of time drinking it. Here is the definative list of our favourite coffee stops.

20th December 2022

The Cabinet Top 10 Coffee Stops in London, W1

If you know anything about The Cabinet, you will most likely know that coffee is an integral ingredient for us to produce our very best work. In this regard, our Rocket Mozzafiato Cronometro takes pride of place in our kitchen and is cared for in a way nothing else is. So, while we are well equipped to make great coffee ‘at home’, sometimes we have good reason to venture out and when we do we want to make sure that the coffee will be as good as we are used to making ourselves. This established, we thought it might be worth sharing our favourite coffee haunts.

Now, while the coffee that they serve is of utmost importance, environment, ambience, and service are equally important if we are out and about. Diversity of environment and occasion has also been a consideration when compiling our list and while not all these places are created equal, we can assure you that, your coffee fix will be well and truly itched.

In no particular order and with a sentence or two as to why they made the cut...

1. The Service: 19 Savile Row, W1S 3PP

As stylish as the street itself The Service on Savile Row provides a large yet comfy and stylish space which allows you to settle in and get lost in coffee, conversation and the cut of your fellow customer's suits... 

2. Lali Cafe: 33A Bruton Place, W1J 6NP

The best coffee shops are off the beaten track abnd lali is no exception. So if you want to escape in Central W1 and not be found but be assured you will have ample rations and great coffee, then Lali is the place for you. 

3. H.R. Higgins: 79 Duke Street, W1K 5AS

A Mayfair institution that does equally good tea and coffee in more traditional, yet comfortable, cafe surrounding. Like many of these choices you may be just a stone throw from the horros of Oxford Street but don't let this put you off.

4. Dunhill: Bourdon House, 2 Davies Street, W1K 3DJ

One for a dry day, as the best seats are outside, Dunhill is a small oasis in the hustle and bustle of Mayfair offering a more refined and gentrified coffee experience. 

5. District: 22 Brook's Mews, W1K 4DY

District is a relative new comer to the area but that hasn't stopped it gaining quite some following and a loyal customer base. Small and cosy, don't expect to get a seat if you turn up at one of the busier times of the day.

6. Clutch Cafe: 78 Great Portland, W1W 7NT

Not just a great coffee stop but London's best independent men's clothing store. So if you love great coffee and great clothes Clutch is the perfect place to get your lifestyle fix.

7. Mercato Metropolitano Mayfair: St Mark's Church, North Audley Street, W1K 6ZA

Housed in a beautiful old church, Mercato Mayfair is as much about the location as the coffee itself. With a small store at the front and multiple foods and drink vendors, even if coffee is not your thing you will guaretnteed find something that takes your fancy.

8. Paul Rothe & Son: 35 Marylebone Lane, W1U 2NN

Situated on the Marylebone side of Oxford Street Paul Rothe & Son is a classic cafe in the truset sense of the word. The sort of place that you may happen upon in the Cotswolds or Yorkshire, Paul Rothe is a favourite with locals and workers alike. 

9. Watch House Mayfair: 2-3 Medici Court, W1S 1BR

Watch House Hanover is a new addition to the area, taking prode of place in the new Medici Court development. Stylish, cool and with loads of space The Watch House, although a growing chain, is a hidden gem that delivers on coffee quality and great service everytime. 

10. Claridges: Brook Street W1K 4HK

So we've left the grandest of all coffee stops to the last. Not much to say about the World famous Claridges Hotel, other than it is easy to forget that for not that much more than an average cup of Joe on the high street you can be treated like royalty in the most glamerous of settings.