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10th October 2022

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New Brand

All the Bitter

In a world of every conceivable non-alc spirit category catered for it is possible that non-alc bitters was the only remaining category without a glut of offers. Until now. All the Bitter is a classically inspired, alcohol free range of cocktail bitters that are design ed to ‘lift your spirits’. Made with organic functional herbs to aid digestion and liver cleansing, All the Bitter are a great addition to any bar serious about offering drinks that don’t contain alcohol.

Insight Article

Have we Reached Peak Celebrity Tequila 

The conversation around tequila has shifted. Discussions taking place quietly between bar professionals and among connoisseurs have trickled into the mainstream, and consumers are beginning to question the authenticity (or lack thereof) of non-Mexican celebrities launching definitively Mexican brands. Are they reaping the benefits of agave farms and jimadores in Mexico without giving credit where it’s due?

Innovation Podcast

Walking the Line Between Leadership and Friendship

In an environment where community, teamwork, and close quarters are constants, it is natural to feel the tension between leadership and friendship. In this podcast from Cat & Cloud they hash out why this tension exists, how it has led to some bad situations, and what to do to make sure you are and trusted, respected and effective leader in a coffee shop.

Trends Video

Precious Time

Balblair have partnered with internationally acclaimed Scottish photographer and director David Eustace to encourage everyone to embrace precious moments with a beautiful, if what unoriginal, new film. According to the press release, ‘Precious Time’, explores the unrushed craft behind our single malt whisky and features the unspoilt beauty of the Highlands that surround the distillery.


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