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26th September 2022

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New Brand


Maie Wines is a new California-made wine company “ushering single serve wine into a new era”. Due to its single serve packaging, the drink is perfectly portioned to make drinking in moderation easy. The 187ml bottle is perfect for enjoying alone, with friends with different wine preferences, or while entertaining guests. The wines will launch in tandem with Maieworld, an “approachable Wine Club” with monthly membership boxes inclusive of 8 Maie bottles and a specially curated goods from other DTC brands, including Deux, Ceremonia, and Otherland.

Insight Article

Expresso Yourself

Enterprising Sicilian roasters are embracing a changing climate by growing their own coffee beans.

Innovation Podcast

Uncle Nearest

In this episode of Modern Barcart, they’re joined by Victoria Eady Butler, Master Blender at Uncle Nearest, and the great-great granddaughter of Nearest Green – the former slave who taught Jack Daniel how to distill. This episode was released during National Bourbon History Month, and what better way to celebrate this great spirit than to explore the figures who pioneered American whiskey, and those who are leading it into the future.

Trends Video

US vs UK Monster Energy

From exclusive items to portion sizes, the guys at Food Wars wanted to find all the differences between Monster Energy in the US and UK. This is what they discovered.


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