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12th September 2022

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New Brand


Mirchi, which means spice in Urdu, is a new natural spiced rum created by two friends of Ghanian and Pakistani heritage. Mirchi looks to bring together a balanced blend of African and Caribbean rums, infused with seven spices before being rested in ex-bourbon casks for a vanilla finish and golden glow. With its citrusy scent, fruity and smooth earthy flavours, Mirchi looks to offer something new and fresh in the rum category.

Insight Article

Design Forward Cocktail Menus

In this world of instant visual gratification here are some pretty tasty looking cocktail menus that have clearly taken a long time and a lot of love to create.

Innovation Podcast

A Paris Shop Gets in on the Non-Alcoholic Wine Trend

In April, Laborde opened Le Paon Qui Boit, meaning The Drinking Peacock — which promotes itself as Paris' first non-alcoholic wine and liquor store. The shop boasts more than 300 bottles of low and zero-proof beers, wines, gins and whiskeys. Part article, part podcast, read, listen, and enjoy to his story from NPR.

Trends Video

How He Started a Coffee Business

Maxwell Mooney opened his first Narrative Coffee cart in 2015 with just $1,800. Now they’ve just opened their second brick-and-mortar coffee shop, and are bringing in an average revenue of more than $80,000 a month. Wondering how he grew his coffee business? Watch this video to find out!

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