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29th August 2022

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New Brand

Athletic Brewing Ironman

This is a collab between Athletic Brewing and the Ironman triathlon series. We’re told by the marketing bumf that this IPA ‘celebrates the sweet taste of achievement in any aspect of life. It’s got a podium-worthy flavour profile of tropical hops and mango, and is our tribute to staying the course, chasing your goals, and knowing a personal record is always within reach.’ Not sure this doesn’t sound like total nonsense, but it makes for an interesting development in beer branding and activation so one to keep an eye on.

Insight Article

Plant Based Milk Sales have Reached New Heights, Where Next?

An abundance of choice in the plant-based milk aisles has led brands to compete on their finer qualities and in coffee shops.

Innovation Podcast

From Sorghum with Love

In this episode of Modern BarCart they are joined by Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, the co-founders of Empirical, a company that makes category-defying spirits designed to evoke poignant memories and spur positive change on a whole bunch of different levels.

Trends Video

James May Tries All Fizzy Drinks At Once

As a kid, there's a high chance you mixed fizzy drinks together (Coke and Fanta was our favourite) but James May has taken things to a whole new level. He sets out to combine every major fizzy drink from his local shop, to see what horrific drink he can concoct.

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