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11th April 2022

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New Brand


Shima is a sparkling sake spritz in a can, looking to introduce sake to new audiences and breadth new life into the way people think about and enjoy sake. Launching with an intriguing sounding Plum and Hibiscus, the team at Shima are in the process of developing other exciting recipes that will get non-fans of sake onboard with their love for the drink.

Insight Article

Wine is DTC’s Next Big Trend

In 2020, like many industries, wine experienced exponential online sales growth in large part because of the global pandemic. Closures led wine producers and retailers, and even restaurants, to go digital—embracing ecommerce as a viable solution to get products to customers. Even in the case of retail bottle shops and restaurants, buyers could select their products online and pick them up in-store or curb side for maximum flexibility of shopping.

Innovation Podcast

Why Are Fashion Brands Crashing the Drinks Business?

On this episode of the VinePair Podcast, they look at the growing trend of fashion and lifestyle brands entering the beverage alcohol industry. From a Tommy Bahma Rum to Vera Wang's Prosecco, the branded products are starting to roll in.

Trends Video

Beer Expert Blind Judges ‘Bad’ Lagers

On this episode of The Craft Beer Channel, Jonny tries 11 macro-beers blind, some for the time ever, in a bid to work out if he's been a needless snob the whole time. I know they all say it, but you won't BELIEVE which one comes last…

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