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4th April 2022

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New Brand

Heaps Normal

Heaps Normal is cool new AF beer brand coming out of Oz. According to the blurb Head Brewer, Ben Holdstock, completely redesigned the brewing process in the journey to create a genuinely tasty non-alcoholic beer. It's this combination of their own unique recipe, brewing method and non-traditional yeast that's responsible for creating this alcohol-free beer that they claim tastes as good as your regular craft brew. Once we get our hands on a few tinnies we will be in the position to tell if it is bonza or not.

Insight Article

Why Bootleg Moe’s Taverns are all over Latin America

Homer Simpson drinks here. So do countless ‘Simpsons’ fans across Latin America

Innovation Podcast

Ching He Huang

In this episode of ‘A Glass With. Olly is sharing a glass with Ching He Huang, author of ten bestselling books who was awarded an MBE in 2020. Ching is the leading advocate of simple Chinese cooking in the UK. In this episode she chats with Olly about her journey from a farming community in Taiwan through South Africa, into her time as a celebrity of food and flavour over a glass of her favourite bubbly, Taittinger Prelude Grand Crus.

Trends Video

I Made a Historic Pirate Rum at Home

At The Cabinet we are currently on a bit of a rum vibe so we enjoyed learning about what a real pirate rum may have tasted like, what it would be made from and how would it be distilled…let’s find out how to make a historic pirate rum courtesy of Still It.


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