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21st March 2022

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New Brand


Founded in Los Angeles, Kollo claims that their teas are brewed from skillfully cultivated & consciously farmed, whole, fresh, single-source seasonal tea leaves each hand-selected for their unique flavor profile. The twenty-four hour, small-batch brewing technique ensures maximum sensory benefits are conserved without the addition of preservatives, flavorings or sweeteners. Kollo celebrates showcasing teas in a sincere & restrained way that is intended to set a new refined standard in contemporary bottled teas.

Insight Article

Tequila could overtake vodka as America’s favourite liquor as sales boom

Tequila could soon overtake vodka as America’s favourite liquor, fuelled by consumers’ desire for pricey bottles of agave-based spirits.

Innovation Podcast

Are Speakeasies Making a Comeback?

On this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” hosts Adam Teeter, Joanna Sciarrino, and Zach Geballe look at the return of speakeasies in urban spaces. What even constitutes a speakeasy in the modern world, as opposed to establishments found during the Prohibition era? Do these spaces cater toward aestethics and trends instead? Tune in to learn more.

Trends Video

How to pronounce Moet & Chandon…and why?

I know that you all know that Moet is not a French name and what the correct pronunciation is but even still this short video is a fun analysis on how to say Moet & Chandon correctly. Covering off both French, English and more importantly, why you should say one way and not the other.

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