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4th October 2021

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New Brand


Dune was created to deliver all the good-for-you, good-for-your-skin ingredients that promote inner health, and outer beauty. They claim to have done this by packing superfoods and antioxidants into every bottle, so you get 'sophisticated flavour formulas that promote a glow from within'. Big claims...

Insight Article

Wine beats scotch and Hermès bags as top luxury investment

Prices of investment-grade wine have risen 13%, making it frontrunner of luxury investment index. Check out why there has been no hangover for wine investors during the pandemic, with bottles of Bordeaux proving a better bet than stashing cash in a Hermès handbag or rare whisky.

Innovation Podcast

Celebrating the true artisan

Industry legend Paul Kelly, General Manager of La Marzocco UK & Ireland, joins Jeffrey Young at the 5th Wave Podcast to explore the specialty coffee trends that have changed the face of coffee culture over the last decade, the turbulence of Covid-19, and the bright future that lies ahead for the industry.

 Trends Video

Rum of Skepta

New ad from Havana Club showing Skepta's newly created iteration of Havana Club called Rum of Skepta. The rapper worked with the Cuban brand maestro del ron Cubano (rum master), Asbel Morales, to create an expression that would celebrate the cultural links between Cuba, community, and Skepta’s homeland, Nigeria.

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