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23rd August 2021

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New Brand


Love it or hate it you can't avoid the Matcha brigade. Jenki is a new kid on the block and looks to make some waves with their ceremonial grade matcha from the foothills of Uji, Japan. Working directly with farmers, the good people at Jenki have produced a smooth and mellow matcha that has a sweet, nutty flavour, impressing connoisseurs and converting newbies.

Insight Article

The Best Drinking Glasses, According to Restaurant and Interior-Design Experts

An often overlooked element of the perfect drink, glassware. In this article The Strategist has asked some of their favourite restaurant, beverage, and interior design experts to share with its readers their personal picks and what drinks they recommend to accompany each perfectly formed vessel.

Innovation Podcast

Industry parallels – coffee vs. wine

This episode of 5th Wave looks at the parallels of wine with coffee. The wine industry is often considered ahead of the curve compared to coffee when it comes to sensory appreciation and consumer education, but is that always the case? In conversations with leading wine and coffee experts, they explore the history and influence of these two worlds to offer a deeper understanding of the wine market and how to maximise its potential in coffee busines.

Trends Video

Ice Cutting and Molds! - what is the proper ice?

Anders Erickson talks all things ice! So whether you are interested in cloudy, clear, cutting, or molds, there is something for everybody who is interested in producing the very best drinks possible.


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