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9th August 2021

Sick and tired of wading through hundreds of articles in the hunt for a few interesting and useful ones? Look no further.

New Brand


Wunderground was created to help everyone find a pathway for creative expression. Inspired by the back of a cereal box games, puzzles, journeys, Wunderground's packaging takes a lighter look at their coffee. Their range includes a mushroom coffee which the good people at Wunderground tells us is conveniently great for human consumption. From brain power to body benefits and even the occasional anxiety annihilator, the consumption of mushrooms is a speeding train of popularity. If you’re not yet onboard, maybe try to get yourself a box of Wunderground.

Insight Article

The Real Reason Jack Daniel’s Is Called Old No. 7

While the label is otherwise straightforward and simple, there’s one vague element of the famous logo that has led to debate among aficionados. Centred near the top of the black and white label is the curious phrase “Old No. 7,” leading to a variety of theories about what Daniel meant with the inclusion of the wording.

Innovation Podcast

Low2No Alcohol: The Convenience Mix Podcast

Is Low2No the future of drinking? How far can the category go? As well as sharing their own views and experiences, the experts at The Grocer are joined by Chris Miller, Chief Operating Officer at JW Filshill to get a holistic view of the category and how retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers are adapting.

Trends Video

Tails of the Unexpected

A new advert from Cockburn's to launch their new range of flavoured Port. The thing that caught our attention more than anything was their cameo cockerels. Not sure about the ad itself but a very interesting piece of innovation from a category that sees very little in fresh new ideas, of which this certainly is.

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