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21st June 2021

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New Brand

Sunny South Oat Milk

Another Edit and another Oat Milk enters the frame, nearly. Sunny South launches this summer but from what we can tell it will be going head to head with a number of the other Barista loving brands, trying to divert some of that delicious Oatly success. Created by Gus and Gilly, we are unsure as to why its 'born in NZ and made in the UK' but I guess time will tell. In the meantime, check out their website and see what they are trying to do to mark out their role in this pretty frothy category.

Insight Article

A New Yorker's guide to drinking this summer

...and debunking other beverage myths out there. A conversation with THE drinkz god, Alex Delany.

Innovation Podcast

The genius behind Hoffmann Industries

This episode of the 5th Wave Podcast brings us a full-length interview with enigmatic and influential entrepreneur James Hoffmann. In this conversation, James discusses his ambitions, business sensibilities, and the mindset that has helped build his remarkable career.

Trends Video

Kenny Mayne: OLIPOP's Newest Spokesman

One for our American cousins. An enjoyable and well pitched advert featuring Ken Mayne, a former professional sports caster from the US of A. Today, Ken appears to be a spokesperson for OLIPOP, a millennial soft drink for adults. Keep it real with OLIPOP: 2-5g of sugar, not like those other sodas.


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