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7th June 2021

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New Brand


Another exciting entrant into the ever growing adult mixer market. Avec claims to use only 100% real ingredients and has a range of adult flavours for mixing with spirits that includes blood orange, pineapple or yuzu, combined with a blend of natural botanicals from ingredients such as jalapeño, lemongrass or pomelo.

Insight Article

A cider maker extraordinaire

Read how Breton Patrick Tallec used to work in TV but now he spends his days growing, picking — and pressing — exceptional apples.

Innovation Podcast

Honest Tea/Beyond Meat’s Seth Goldman on winning hearts, minds and stomachs

Listen to how you can effect positive change in the food system. If you're Seth Goldman, you begin with tea and continue with mushrooms. As the co-founder of Honest Tea and chair of the board of Beyond Meat, Goldman has played a key role in democratising access to organic beverages and plant based meat. His latest venture, Eat the Change, is a mission-driven platform designed to give people "daily, actionable choices that make a difference" via chef-crafted, plant-friendly snacks.

Trends Video

Kopparberg “High Five”

Swedish cider brand Kopparberg has focused on the genesis of the high five celebratory gesture for its biggest ever brand campaign. Illustrating the long association of Kopparberg with memorable events, ‘To Firsts That Last’ illustrates the staying power of those who come first.


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