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24th May 2021

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New Brand


In a bid to compete with a growing number of mood-enhancing beverages, PepsiCo has rolled out a new line of sparkling waters that are intended to support mental focus and relaxation. Called Soulboost, the new drinks blend a splash of fruit juice with carbonated water and adaptogens like L-theanine and Panax ginseng. Soulboost is available in the US online and in selected retailers.

Insight Article

Five o' Clock Somewhere: A Whiskey Highball at the Park Hyatt Tokyo

Continuing Drake's series of armchair travelling (and drinking), writer Harry Seymour considers the whiskey highball, a classic Japanese refreshment that's synonymous with the Park Hyatt Tokyo.

Innovation Podcast

Negroni with David T. Smith & Keli Rivers

The Modern Barcart chats with authors and gin experts David T. Smith and Keli Rivers about their brand new book, Negroni, which presents a ton of classic and contemporary recipes for the world’s favourite equal-parts cocktail.

Trends Video

A Beginner's Guide To Buying Great Coffee

Sometimes it is easy to forget that not everybody is a coffee geek and that when faced with a sea of coffees on a supermarket shelf it is easy to be scared off from trying anything new or interesting. If this is the case then once again James Hoffmann comes to the rescue with his beginners guide to buying coffee. Watch this and you have no reason to ever fear again!

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