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26th April 2021

Sick and tired of wading through hundreds of articles in the hunt for a few interesting and useful ones? Look no further.

New Brand

De La Calle

Always on the look out for new and interesting drinks and flavours, we shouldn't have been too surprised to find Tepache starting to hit the shelves.  For those of you who haven't travelled around Mexico, you may have missed out on the delights of Tepache, a fermented pineapple liquor commonly sold by street vendors. Not commonly canned and available to the masses, here's hoping that this new brand, De La Calle, and a raft of others that follow, bring this delicious drink out from the Mexican shade...

Insight Article

Bombay Sapphire Supermarket

Nourish your creativity and purchase limited edition works of art, all whilst doing your weekly shop. If you are going to be in London over the next few weeks Bombay Sapphire has got together with the Design Museum to create this very cool 'Supermarket', where you can buy any number of limited edition products designed by a handful of artists. Bombay seem to be really upping their game, so kudos to all involved.

Innovation Podcast

Beverage Industry Magazine Podcast

Tequila is trending high in North America, while gin is booming in Europe. Jacob Briars, global advocacy director of Bacardi, shares his insights from its 2021 Cocktail Trends Report and discusses what flavours and ingredients will be hot (think chili).

Trends Video

Kyro Distillery

Somewhere through Covid times I missed this great ad from super hipster Finnish brand Kyro. As if the Skandi's don't show us up enough, here is another example of how things should be done.

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