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19th April 2021

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New Brand

Acid League

The Acid League are a Toronto-based vinegar company unlike any other. In place of generic red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar and balsamic vinegar there’s raw, unfiltered “Living Vinegars” in flavours like strawberry rosé, mango jalapeño and smoked malt. Not content with just mixing up the world of vinegars Acid League produce drinks in the style of wines which have all the complexity and taste but with none of the alcohol.

Insight Article

Americans are drinking lots of Champagne and Cognac

Americans may be known to love a cold beer, but lots of them are also sipping champagne or cognac as they ride out the pandemic.

Innovation Podcast

Why Big Companies are Going DTC

Wayne Blum is Director of US E-Commerce Strategy and Partnerships at Diageo, but before that he led digital for Nestlé Waters and their direct-to-consumer (DTC) business, ReadyRefresh. Wayne joins Liquid Assets podcast to discuss why the world’s biggest brands are interested in going DTC, the challenges they face in the channel, and what’s behind the success of the world’s largest and most profitable DTC programs in the food and beverage world.

Trends Video

White Claw

Take a look at White Claws first global advertising campaign that launched this month. Nothing too revolutionary but if anybody was under any illusion that they had finished taking share from the beer market then this new ad will put that thought to rest. This one is straight out of the beer playbook. Enjoy.


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