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12th April 2021

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New Brand


Founded by Jean-Éric Vergne, two time Formula E champion, Edi is another entrant into the world of non-alcoholic spirits. Taking a slightly different approach to the rest, Edi is a dry, bittersweet blend of hemp and CBD offering drinkers an alternative, laid back effect that can often be achieved through traditional alcohol but without any downsides.

Insight Article

‘Wine Windows’ Open for Business in Florence

As institutions around the world devise new ways of staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants in Florence, Italy, are making creative use of an architectural anomaly: small “wine windows” embedded in the sides of centuries-old buildings.

Innovation Podcast

Maintaining Successful Business Partnerships

Having the right partner can inject your business with creativity, productivity and a new set of complementary skills. Yet, for every partnership that succeeds, there are so many that don’t. In this episode of the 5th Wave Podcast, they explore three successful coffee business partnerships that have stood the test of time to glean some of the secrets behind their success.

Trends Video

Chasing Whiskey – The Untold Story of Jack Daniel's

This documentary “Chasing Whiskey" premiered across streaming channels on April 9. More than a simple narrative of the origins and impact of Jack Daniel’s, the documentary joins Tim Matheson, Shooter Jennings, Eric Church, John Grisham, Tina Sinatra and more, on a 57,000 mile journey across five countries and 16 time zones.


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