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13th November 2023

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New Brand


A slightly different liquid brand take this week. Just in case drinking has become a inconvenience too far, Strype is a fast-acting caffeine product that comes in a ‘convenient’ strip format. Each strip contains 40mg of caffeine, making it an alternative to coffee or energy drinks. Simply place a Strype on your tongue or inside your cheek and let it dissolve. The caffeine will be absorbed through the lining of your mouth, providing you with a quick energy boost.

Insight Article

Fernet-Branca is the Bartender’s Secret Handshake

Why you should buy your local service industry person a shot of it

Innovation Podcast

What’s Fueling Continued Spirits Premiumization?

Ultra-premium spirits offerings are everywhere these days, and it appears that high-ticketed bottles are no longer confined to the realms of Grey Goose, rare bourbons and ‘nightclub’ tequilas. From single-village mezcals, gins  with obscure botanicals, and whiskey aged in outer space, countless iterations of upper-echelon spirits are all over the market. But what is driving these releases, who are they targeted at, and will they continue to find an audience?

Trends Video

Cold Brew-Stout Martini

‘Tis the start of the season, so if you want to mix up your coffee cocktail habit take a watch of Food 52 and Tito’s video on how to create a perfect alternative to the Espresso Martini in their Cold Brew Stout Martini recipe.


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