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22nd March 2021

Sick and tired of wading through hundreds of articles in the hunt for a few interesting and useful ones? Look no further.

New Brand


Kombrewcha has been around for a while, but it is now coming into its own with a new rebrand and a large injection of cash from Anheuser-Busch. Expect to see a lot more hard kombuchas enter the market as our thirst for more and more beer alternatives grows. 

Insight Article

The Man Who Invited the World Over for Dinner

We don't often post articles without a direct drink link but this amazing story of one man's mission to entertain as many people as humanly possible is inspiring in a time when we are all stir crazy at the lack of social interaction. As we slowly emerge from this pandemic here's hoping more people can be inspired by Jim Haynes and we all take socialising just that little more seriously.

Innovation Podcast

Beer, Hard Seltzer and One Crazy Year

On March 11, 2020, the WHO officially designated the Covid-19 crisis a pandemic. One year later, Liquid Assets reflects on how beer – or should we say hard seltzer – consumption has changed and ask for an update on the recovery of bars and restaurants. Lastly, they have a lively debate about the most important trends facing America’s beer distributors: hard seltzer, RTDs, and digital transformation.

Trends Video

This Episode Tried to Kill Me

As lovers of The Manhattan, we couldn't resist watching all 47 minutes of this marathon How to Drink. Just sit back, knock up a couple of Manhattans and enjoy the mesmerising act of making and tasting 42 perfect Manhattans.

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