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9th October 2023

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New Brand


Supergay Spirits was established in 2020 with the belief that craft spirits should have more fun. Crafted in small batches in New York, Supergay sources organic grains to create a thoughtful vodka perfect for a number of applications. In addition to creating a quality distillate with an invigorating sense of joy, Supergay donates a percentage of its proceeds to LGBTQ+ foundations and other socially just causes that promote and cultivate equality, inclusion, and hospitality.

Insight Article

7 Things You Should Know About the Finnish Long Drink

In a market where new ready-to-drink canned cocktails seem to pop up every 30 seconds or so, it’s relatively uncommon to see one featuring gin as its base. And if they do, it’s even rarer to see options outside of a standard G&T. But then there’s the Finnish Long Drink.

Innovation Podcast

Eight Special Single Malts…and a Cowboy Bourbon

Whiskycast brings us this double feature, as Diageo’s Dr Stuart Morrison joins them to detail this years Special Releases, including a Lagavulin finished in tequila casks, and Donnis Todd of Texas’s Garrison Brothers Distillery gives a preview of this year’s Cowboy Bourbon

Trends Video

Cold Brew-Stout Martini

These days, the Espresso Martini is pushing 40 and it’s also having quite the renaissance, so it seems like a good time for Food52 to give it a well-deserved review.


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