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25th September 2023

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New Brand

Whiny Baby

If ever there was a brand of wine created especially for Gen Z, it would be Whiny Baby. Created by Jess Druey and supported and distributed by the teams at Black Girl Magic Wines and McBride Sisters Wine Company. Founder, Druey is of the opinion that Gen Z are a bunch of whiny babies and wanted to create a wine brand to make it more accessible and fun to her generation.

Insight Article

The Glorious Gayness of the Vodka Soda

Approach the bar at pretty much any gay establishment in NYC and it is likely that you will hear somebody ordering Vodka Sodas, regardless of their appearance, this simple yet classic serve appears to have become the go-to drink for the gay community.

Innovation Podcast

Drinks Brands Can’t Have it Both Ways

In this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” Adam, Joanna, and Zach discuss the inherent risks for spirits brands and categories that attempt to chase the current market leaders or position their product in a way that cuts against their established market and reputation. Tune in for more.

Trends Video

The Swiss Watch of Lever Espresso Machines

Everybody’s favourite coffee geek James Hoffman takes us on a tour of the incredible $20,000 Manument Lever Espresso Machine. If you are a coffee obsessive like us, there are definitely worse ways to spend your hard earned cash.

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