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4th September 2023

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New Brand


With the ever-increasing interest in Sake, Sawtelle is an interesting take on the drink. Proudly brewed in Los Angeles, they produce their own koji, handmade from local and seasonal ingredients. The company claims to be dedicated to expanding new horizons for koji-based drinks and to express the flavours of locally grown California rice, much in the same way that a Japanese brewery wants to showcase their local rice and local water.

Insight Article

Made with 100% Pure Exploitation

A new court ruling finds intimidation, unpaid overtime, and other allegations of abuse at GT's kombucha factories.

Innovation Podcast

Dan Aykroyd is (Probably) a Better Sales Person than You

Sketch comedian. Ghostbuster. Vodka entrepreneur. It’s all in a life’s work for the remarkable Dan Aykroyd. In this episode of Taste Radio, Dan speaks about cutting his teeth in beverage alcohol as an importer of Patron tequila, how Crystal Head Vodka enhances its resonance with the heavy metal community, how he attempts to establish an authentic relationship with consumers, and why, despite the company’s long-standing independence, he may be interested in aligning with a certain luxury-centric conglomerate.

Trends Video

Club Coramino by Gran Coramino

Introducing Club Coramino, Kevin Harts new tequila, where they toast to all of you... To the good people who make great nights even better.


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