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15th March 2021

Sick and tired of wading through hundreds of articles in the hunt for a few interesting and useful ones? Look no further.

New Brand

Son of Man

It is quite rare for us to showcase a new cider brand and on reflection I am not sure why. Are there fewer new brands coming into the market or are they just not all that interesting to get noticed? Whatever the reason (we will try to find out) Son of Man certainly makes the grade probably in some part due to their focus and obsession on a singular craft. Inspired by generations of cidermakers in Northern Spain, Son of Man has set out to make exceptional Basque-style cider.

Insight Article

Drinking Smart

As you would expect from Drake's, a stylish take on writers and writing on booze.

Innovation Podcast

Drinks With Francis Ford Coppola

You wait for ages and then two celebrity wine podcasts pop up one after another. This week's celebrity winemaker is no other than the daddy of celebrity drink brands, Francis Ford Coppola. While everybody knows that Francis is the Godfather of Californian winemaking in this podcast we hear about how he first fell in love with wine, thanks to his Italian heritage and also hear how he decided to use his earnings from “The Godfather” to buy a winery.

Trends Video

Non-Alcoholic Alcohol Taste Test

As we have come to expect from Good Mythical Morning a ridiculous but amusing taste test of a number of non-alc categories and brands. Sometimes we can take this whole drinks business a little too seriously and if you feel like you are ever heading in this direction, sit back and watch a video from these guys.

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