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24th July 2023

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New Brand


Bennu is a new brand of non-alcoholic, ready-to-drink beverages that contain a blend of nootropics and adaptogens. Created by three friends, all who had small children, had a dream to creating an RTD cocktail business but this was upended by the fact that they had reached a new stage in their lives. So parking their boozy ambitions they turned their focus on creating a product that would support socialization and decompression without the consequences of a hangover while offering healthier alternatives to current market options. Bennu was born.

Insight Article

Gatorade in your Cocktail?

Real bartender’s think there’s something in it, therefore, before you roll your eyes read about why it works from a flavour perspective.

Innovation Podcast

A Conversation with the Coffee King of Fitzrovia

On this episode of 5th Wave Coffee, they catch up with industry legend Peter Dore-Smith, the man behind Fitzrovia's iconic coffee shop, Kaffeine, and one of the early pioneers of the London specialty coffee movement. In this insightful conversation, Peter tells the story of how he started Kaffeine, shares his people-centric approach to hiring, and why delivering genuine hospitality within his local community is the driving force behind his business.

Trends Video

Sommelier Tastes the Same Champagne at Different Ages (1973-2023)

Sommelier André Hueston Mack returns for another edition of World of Wine, this time sampling bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne across a 50-year age range. How does a champagne from the early 1970's compare to one bottled only a few months ago?


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