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10th July 2023

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New Brand


JoyShot claims to deliver smooth, all-day energy that boosts aliveness in the moment and supports well-being over time. Their proprietary blend unites adaptogens and nootropics with 6 essential vitamins and caffeine, giving drinkers ‘the capacity and confidence to live a more joy-filled life’. Worth a shot.

Insight Article

The Struggle for the soul of B-Corp Movement

The ESG initiative pledges to turn companies into forces for good, but some are wary of its growing focus on multinational corporations.

Innovation Podcast

Sobriety and Cutting Back on Consumption

The phrase “sober curious” is picking up steam in beverage alcohol circles—perhaps most notably in the craft beer industry. More non-alcoholic products, sober events, and shared conversations regarding our collective consumption habits are taking place than ever before, but a stigma remains. If you’re not drinking, why are you even in a beer space to begin with? This and other questions is exactly what this episode of Good Beer Hunting delves into.

Trends Video

Unleash the Wild Spirit of Meili Vodka

Enjoy watching Meili Vodka founders Jason Momoa and Blaine Halvorson unleash the ‘mana’ of the Montana wilderness. We are told their new vodka is ‘bright, smooth, and effortless,’ forged in friendship, and crafted with pristine ‘living water’ from a couple-hundred-million-years-old aquifer, sustainably bottled in 100% post-consumer recycled glass. Take a sip from the wild side!


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