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19th June 2023

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New Brand

Vivi Nova

Another week, another brand or product claiming to be created by Chat GPT and other Open AI platforms. This one comes in the form of Vivi Nova, a new drink from Swiss Soft Drinks Company Vivi Kola, who claim to be “gripped by AI fever”. Created in just 2 days, Vivi Nova is a low sugar, vegan soda product with health benefits to boot. At The Cabinet we are a little more sceptical about AI but still fascinated to see how it plays out and what role ‘brand’ as we know it comes into effect.

Insight Article

The Most Underrated Classics

Five deep-cut cocktails that deserve a turn in the spotlight, according to bartenders.

Innovation Podcast

The Coffee at Home Revolution – Part 1

On this episode of the 5th Wave Coffee podcast they're kicking off a two-part series exploring the remarkable growth of the at-home specialty coffee market and the rise of the home barista. Next week we will post the second part.

Trends Video

The Macallan Present The Spirit of 1926

In 1926 Janet 'Nettie' Harbinson crafted what would become the most valuable bottle of wine or spirit ever sold at auction.  A remarkable figure in The Macallan’s history, in 1918 her beloved husband Alexander, who had been running the distillery at the time, sadly passed. Following his death, she assumed control. Guided by her conviction, dedication, and a belief in doing the next right thing, it was her passion and care for those around her that kept the business afloat and helped support the local community. This short film brings Janet's story to life, complemented by a soundtrack, composed and recorded by Simple Minds.


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