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12th June 2023

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New Brand


A new Scotch whisky from Beam Suntory who have created this smooth blended whisky crafted to perfection with Japanese expertise. Made with a handful of fine older single malts representing every terroir of Scotland, it is bottled at 48% abv, and they claim it’s made with ‘adventurous whisky drinkers in mind, to share their love of the water of life with friends’. Free from chill filtration and at natural colour, we can’t wait to see if Beam Suntory can breathe further life into blended whisky.

Insight Article

Sapporo Releases First Alcoholic Drink Developed Using AI

Sapporo Breweries and IBM Japan have jointly established an artificial intelligence (AI) system that significantly reduces the time and cost of new product development, and which is poised to play a key role in the alcohol firm’s future innovations.

Innovation Podcast

Low and No Alcohol Beer

Sales of alcohol-free beer in the UK have more than tripled in the past five years, and you'll find more types of no and low-alcohol beer on sale in your local supermarket. But what does 'alcohol-free' really mean? And are these drinks always better for your health? In this episode of the BBC’s Sliced Bread they have enlisted the help of two experts to answer these questions and more.

Trends Video

Would These 5 Iconic Movie Bars Work in Real Life? 

In this video, Architectural Digest breaks down architectural details you might have missed in a number of famous bars from the movies. Architect, Richard Weiss, takes a comprehensive look at the real-world design influences behind establishments in ‘Star Wars’, ‘The Shining’, ‘Beauty and The Beast’ and more, and whether they would function effectively as bars off-screen.


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