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1st May 2023

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New Brand

Elvis Whiskey

Elvis Whiskey is an inspired line of spirits modelled after the musician. Launched originally with a Rye Whiskey their new liquid is based on the star’s favourite treat. Midnight Snack is a 35 percent ABV whiskey that aims to taste exactly like a classic peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich. It’s said that Presley first enjoyed the unusual combination after a 1976 concert in Denver. He visited a local restaurant, Colorado Mine Company, for a bite to eat and ordered a Fool’s Gold Loaf sandwich with a massive amount of bacon. The Midnight Snack whiskey launch comes after a 2021 licensing agreement between Grain & Barrel Spirits and Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Insight Article

Where to Drink in 2023

It may well be nearly 5 months into the year but this is a great list of travel-worthy drinking destinations for 2023, we wondered if it would even be possible to narrow it to just five. As the world’s great drinking cities wake up from their pandemic-induced slumber, many have emerged transformed—recognizable but brimming with fresh promise, ready to be discovered anew.

Innovation Podcast

How Bud Light Screwed Up

On this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” hosts Adam Teeter and Zach Geballe discuss the recent controversy surrounding Bud Light’s association with Dylan Mulvaney and the lackluster statement the company released in response. Tune in for more.

Trends Video

Aubrey Plaza Launches New Product

Is Wood Milk real we hear you cry? No. In fact it’s a stunt created by the US milk industry marketing organization funded by milk processors and a national board, the group behind the iconic ‘Got Milk?’ campaign that ran from the 1990s until 2014. The group’s stunt is an effort to poke fun at the proliferation of milk alternatives on the market – and to underscore its belief that “only real milk is real.”


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