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10th April 2023

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New Brand

Mate Party

Mate Party is the latest in a long line of Yerba Mate drinks chancing their luck at finding a new audience for this natural energy drink. The guys at Big Fun Beverages fell in love with yerba when they realised that it's a fantastic beverage for night-time enjoyment, being a natural mood lifter that provides clear-headed energy and is a great social drink. For them, most yerba mate products on the market didn’t taste like the real thing and that's why they developed straightforward and simple flavoirs, to let yerba mate's unique flavor shine through.

Insight Article

Drake’s and St. JOHN: The Legend of the Fergroni

Bringing together three of our favourite things, this is a sweet little tale of how Fergus Henderson and the Fergroni are two parts of the same thing.

Innovation Podcast


In this festive special from the end of last year, The Rest is History team are joined by author and alcohol historian Henry Jeffreys to discuss some Christmassy tipples, from sherry to port, champaign to claret. A little out of date but still very entertaining and well worth a listen.

Trends Video

Why I Gave Up Being a Lawyer to Serve Coffee

She could have had it all as a lawyer in Singapore, but Madeline gave it up to serve coffee in a hawker centre. Why? To help refugees in Thailand. Watch to know what its like to be a small business owner and to be inspired.


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