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27th March 2023

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Juliet is a luxury spin on boxed wine that claims to be both eco-friendly and delicious. Juliet’s packaging is 100% recyclable and made from renewable materials. They offer a take-back program for the inner plastic pouches to ensure they’re recycled (or reused when possible). Their wine is produced at a Certified California Sustainable Winery, where the wines are handmade in a ‘low-intervention style’ to ensure clean, fruit-forward product reflective of the quality grapes used.

Insight Article

The Quest to Build the Perfect Irish Pub

A little late for St Paddy’s Day but nevertheless it interesting to read what Esquire thinks makes one of the most quintessential kind of bars truly special? To uncover this they go on a research trip to Ireland with the team behind Dead Rabbit, one of America's best examples of an Irish pub, to find out.

Innovation Podcast

Alternatives to a Favourite

In this episode from Wine for Ordinary People they discuss the alternatives you have if you are looking for something like a Chardonnay that is not a Chardonnay.

Trends Video

Why Single-Origin Coffee so Expensive 

Single-origin specialty coffee can cost over $30 per pound, more than five times the average price of 1 pound of ground coffee in the US. “Specialty” is the term for the highest-quality coffee, and aficionados describe its taste with words more frequently used by sommeliers, like “floral” or “fruity.” Reaching this level of quality requires investment and labour at every step of production. But despite the prices a roasted bag of single-origin coffee can reach in the world’s wealthiest countries, the farmers who handpick each coffee cherry struggle to earn a profit. Insider Business went to Kenya to find out what it takes to grow high-quality coffee, and why it’s so expensive.


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