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20th March 2023

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New Brand

Shanky’s Whip

Sometimes a brand says it so well that there is no need to better it, this is the case of Shanky’s Whip. ‘Shanky was always one to buck the trend, he liked the idea of Irish Whiskey, but he did not like the burn, he liked the taste of cream, but did not like the texture…and he loved stout, which of course, black! So he had a lightbulb moement…and Shanky’s Whip was born’ .The brand has been around for a few years now but it has never featured on the Weekly Edit, so we have now put that wrong right.

Insight Article

Three-Ingredient Cocktails Every Guy Should Know How to Make

Here’s an article for those of us who haven’t spent hours studying bartending books and have never worked as a bartender or barback themselves but want to know how to create some great classic cocktails.

Innovation Podcast

Steve the Bartender

An engaging podcast interview with Steve Roennfeldt from Australia, a YouTuber, distillery owner and author who has built a global community of cocktail enthusiasts.

Trends Video

Coffee and Avocados

Climate change is prompting fruit farmers to diversify and coffee roasters to start considering areas beyond the so-called bean belt to source their raw material. In Sicily, Morettino, a forward-looking family-run roastery, has already started growing coffee plants in Palermo, creating an espresso that is truly made in Italy.


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