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13th March 2023

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New Brand

Drink Weird

Drink Weird is a scrappy little Austin-based company, independently owned and operated by a few like-minded beverage freaks hellbent on making the world’s greatest-tasting Teas, explosive brain-sharpening Yerba Mate, and crisp life-affirming Water. Drink Weird is on a mission to make the world a weirder place with copious amounts of positive energy, abundant creativity and other-worldly vibes. Clean labels, organic ingredients, natural caffeine, unbelievable flavours, zero artificial flavours or colours, and no preservatives.

Insight Article

Campari Dust

It’s time to sprinkle Campari dust on everything. An easy method for transforming liqueurs into flavour-packed powders can add a pop to any drink.

Innovation Podcast

Coffee in Fine Dining

In this episode of 5th Wave Coffee podcast, they step into the world of fine dining to explore the role of coffee in high-end restaurants and how restauranteurs are elevating their coffee standards. Speaking with Søren Ledet, Co-founder and General Manager of Copenhagen's Geranium, they find out how one of the world's finest dining establishments runs its coffee programme and uses storytelling and theatre to deliver a captivating coffee experience.

Trends Video

How to Enjoy Life

Join Monocle for a whirlwind tour around the cobbled streets, cocktail bars, and jazz lounges of Paris to explore how to enjoy the small things in life and find out why hedonism (in moderation) matters.

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