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13th February 2023

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New Brand

Fair Shot

Fair Shot is a refreshing look at the coffee shop business. With 93% of adults in the UK with learning disabilities unemployed, Fair Shot want to change that. Through there year-long trainee programme they are growing the next generation of skilled baristas and expert cafe assistants. After the programme, they find our graduates paid employment with forward-thinking employers and keep supporting all parties involved for the following 6 months.

Insight Article

Black Owned Drinks Brands

To find out more about how these fast growing brands are bringing diversity to the drinks business and captivating consumers in the process take a look at Bev Alc Insights report into Black Owned Drinks Brands.

Innovation Podcast 

A Life of Adventure

In this conversation with Tony Papas, 5th Wave Coffee podcast brings us an interview with a true hospitality legend and genuine artisan, Tony Papas. Tony is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, with a global career spanning Michelin-starred restaurants, a boutique bakery, specialty coffee and most recently, developing an olive farm in Southern Italy.

Trends Video

ChatGPT and MidJourney Made These Drinks

Greg wanted to see what a computer might think of that he couldn't, enter, ChatGPT and MidJourney to make him a selection of fancy drinks. Some were weird but strangely good.


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