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6th February 2023

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New Brand

Green Light

Green Light is an upgrade on your ordinary lemonade, with a kick of immune boosting organic ingredients, designed for daily immune support. Made in LA, Green Light supplies you with 100% of your daily vitamin C  levels, from whole food sources and with no added sugar. Created in powder form and packaged in a convenient sachet, Green Light is looking to make wellness easy and dope.

Insight Article

Where to Drink in 2023

When tasked with choosing the places that would top their collective list of travel-worthy drinking destinations this year, Punch wondered if it would be possible to narrow it to just five. As the world’s great drinking cities wake up from a pandemic-induced slumber, many have emerged transformed. Here’s the list.

Innovation Podcast

Jack McGarry from The Dead Rabbit

Jack McGarry chased success, but it came at a cost. In this episode of Taste Radio we learn about Jack’s values of a mission and how he got to grips with his mental health.

Trends Video

I Drink Wine

Completely unrelated to the drinks industry other than it has wine in its title, Adele’s latest video for her song ‘I Drink Wine’ is worth raising a glass to for being sweet to look at, fruity to listen to and not leaving any dry eyes in the house. This combination makes it worth listing on this Week’s Edit.

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