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23rd January 2023

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New Brand


Energy that won’t leave you feeling empty. 10G plant protein. 135MG clean caffeine + theanine. A fresh and bubbly drink that tastes light and fruity. Made from plants, without tasting like it. Propelled by natural caffeine that won't make you crash. With natural minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and zero artificial sweeteners. Vegan, IBS, and stomach friendly. A pick me up that will leave you feeling good all day, and tomorrow.

Insight Article

12 of the Best Sparkling Waters (2023)

As tastes change and health trends evolve, seltzer water has become a better-for-you soda replacement for some, and for others, a more flavorful way to up their water intake. The sparkling water sector as a whole has been on fire in recent years and is expected to continue growing. While the category’s mainstays are going nowhere anytime soon, there’s a bunch of new and exciting brands popping up with innovative recipes that range from simple flavorings to the addition of juice, or tea infusions.

Innovation Podcast

SUYO Single Origin Pisco

In this episode of Modern Bar Cart they discuss a spirit that we don’t really feature very often on The Weekly Edit, Pisco. Listen to Ian Leggett and Alex Hildebrandt, the co-founders of SUYO Pisco talk about their company that celebrates the unique flavors of lesser-known PIsco producers from all around Peru. They’re on a mission to highlight distillers that use single grape varietals all grown in a single place, really magnifying and bottling a sense of terroir.

Trends Video

Martha Stewart x Tito’s | DIY January

We may be a little late to this ‘DIY’ party but entertaining enough to share towards the end of the month of Dry January.


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