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22nd February 2021

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Made in the UK with British oats, Oato's oat drink is a fresh tasting milk alternative that's just as perfectly suited to hot drinks as it is to baking, splashing over cereal, and drinking on its own straight out of the bottle. This smooth oat m*lk is packaged in a glass bottle for maximum freshness and minimal environmental impact, a bottle that your milkman will even collect for you to reuse as many times as possible before recycling!

Insight Article

That Superbowl Ad

This post is in the wrong order for this months Edit, so jump down to the video of the week, watch that and then pop back up here to read how Oatly's Global Chief Operator, John Schoolcraft, responds to all the haters surrounding his Superbowl ad.

Innovation Podcast

Non-Dairy Milk Extravaganza

Have you ever wondered if there’s a natural way to lower your high blood pressure, guard against Alzheimer's, lose weight, and feel better? Well as it turns out there is. Michael Greger, founder of, and author of the New York Times bestseller “How Not to Die” celebrates evidence-based nutrition to add years to our life and life to our years. Listen to this podcast to hear his view on non-dairy milk alternatives.

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That Oatly Superbowl Ad

If you are not based in the US or an American Football fan you may well have missed this little ditty from Toni Petersson, CEO of Oatly. Think of it what you want but don't think of it as ineffective...debate.


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