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12th December 2022

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New Brand

Sea Tea

Not 100% sure of what to make of Sea Tea but it is definitely an interesting take on tea as we know it. Savoury in taste, the creators claim that it is like soup but enjoyed as tea in Japan. Made with Japanese Kombu, the most powerful carbon-capturing vegetable crop on the planet, Salt Tea is perfect for planet friendly, keto loving tea drinkers.

Insight Article

16 of the Best Christmas Cocktails

With Thanksgiving behind us, the countdown to Christmas has officially begun. From hunting for the perfect gift to tracking down hard-to-find ingredients to make your favourite holiday recipes, you may get a little thirsty along the way and find yourself in the market for a seasonal sip. Thankfully, the holidays bring with them a number of wonderfully delicious, succulent flavours that complement a number of equally fantastic imbibes.

Innovation Podcast

Live the Vision

According to founder of Lyre’s, Mark Livings, when you live the vision of your brand, a massive opportunity emerges. Listen to Mark’s story and how they are navigating the huge growth trajectory of their brand and the promise of the low-no alcohol sector.  

Trends Video

Why 4 of the World’s Priciest Drinks are so Expensive

While exploring the world's most expensive foods, Insider Business spills the tea on some of the priciest beverages money can buy. From camel's milk to authentic French Champagne and 30-year-aged Scotch whisky, these are some of the most expensive liquids you can drink.

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