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14th November 2022

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New Brand


We are always excited when we see brands entering a nascent category that we believe will explode (in a good way) so we are pumped to see Neurita launch into the ‘infused’ tequila space, ticking all the right boxes. Launched by a female entrepreneur, using great ingredients combined with a compelling insight that people love margaritas but hate tequila, we see Neurita, upending the tequila market and going from strength to strength.

Insight Article

Spotlight on Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnam is the world’s second-largest coffee producer, but it’s not often highlighted by specialty coffee brands. Among the 60 brands selling coffee in the Thingtesting directory, several want to change this.

Innovation Podcast

The Vision and Drive Behind Watch House Coffee

On this episode of 5th Wave Coffee, it features an interview with Roland Horne, Founder & CEO of WatchHouse – a boutique specialty coffee business with 10 locations across London, and five new UK sites already in design plus a flagship store scheduled to open in Manhattan in 2023. In this conversation, Roland discusses his entrepreneurial vision and growth ambitions for the business and shares how his risk-on mindset and desire to leave a meaningful legacy has helped to rapidly propel WatchHouse.

Trends Video

The 4th Best Hot Drinks for Fall

The leaves are turning, the air is chill, and the rains are here. Time to get cozy with some of our favourite rainy day drinks from our favourite drinks youtuber.

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