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7th December 2020

Sick and tired of wading through hundreds of articles in the hunt for a few interesting and useful ones? Look no further.

New Brand

Lover Boy

Loverboy comes from a couple of US Reality Show stars, Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula, who appear in a show called Summer House. Now, while we may nothing about either of the stars or the show that made them famous, we do know that Lover Boy is having its moment in the sun and is currently one of the most talked about and consumed RTD's in the US. So sniff as we may, it might be that these guys end up having the last laugh. PS. It also looks pretty cool and is definitely pushing the boundaries in the not so new world of social media brands.

Insight Article

Can Pickle-Flavoured Seltzer Cure Our Collective Malaise?

Last week we featured Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer as our Brand of the Week so decided this week to add a little extra pickle to it with a review and taste test of pickle flavoured seltzers according to Grub Street. Can we really ever have too much focus on pickles? 

Innovation Podcast

The New World of 'To-Go' Drinks

Thanks to coronavirus closures, cities across the US have now allowed bars and retaurants to offer customers to-go drinks. On this episode of Life Behind Bars, we hear from three top bar tenders about this important change in the US Bar Industry. They discuss the new-found skills required to create to-go cocktails, as well as which drinks they are (and aren't) selling.

Trends Video

Irish People Try Alcohol Cocktail Cans

Everyone loves a good cocktail, and who doesn't love the handiness of canned alcohol? Irish People are well known for their love of "the bag of cans", but how does match up with a fancy cocktail or two? See for yourself!


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