Best Drink Brands of the Summer

Best drink brands we've spotted this summer

18th July 2023

The sun is shining, sort of, and at The Cabinet we are thirsty for some new drink branding and design to wet our whistles. Below is our view on some new launches that feel refreshing, tasty and perfect for a summer's afternoon.

Fringe Société

Fringe Société wines feel bright and playful with a pop of colour that feels contemporary paired with the minimalist illustrations. Depicting fruity characters in a simple style that makes you want to relax, sip and savour with friends.

Crooked Owl

An alcoholic fermented pineapple beverage – can you get more of the moment summer drink? With a trio of Mexican inspired flavours that feel authentic and premium through use of eclectic typography and bold colour combinations.

Big Kahuna

Opting for a bespoke bottle to do the talking – big kahuna gin packs a tropical punch that transports you straight to the sunny beaches of Hawaii. The simplicity of the round typographic label pairs well with embossed glass to create a premium feel.


A rum inspired by the Florida Jay – a bird that frequented the open-air Delido bar in Miami. An intriguing bottle shape that feels both summery, playful and premium whilst nodding to the art deco architecture of the stories inspiration.

Strange Lands

Opting for an untraditional dark glass, strange land gin feels mysterious and alluring. The die cut label and typographic choices make for an easily recognisable brand that stands out from the crowd.


There’s something really special about a fully embossed white label, it invites you to spy your beady eye on all the details and appreciate the craft that little bit more. however the juxtaposition of styles is what makes this pack so special – the mixture of typefaces creates an air of rebellion and future forward thinking.

Desperados Exotiqa

A refreshing take on an RTD that feels flavourful and intriguing through the use of kaleidoscope style illustrations. Maintaining the authenticity of Mexico through contemporary typefaces and eye catching colour combinations.